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How It Works

No download or installation needed.

1. Import Files

Import photos, videos and GIFs from your local device or any social media platform into our website.

2. Watermark & Edit

Use our web editor to watermark your files and make additional edits such as cropping and resizing.

3. Export Files

Download your watermarked files on your device or export them to the cloud or a social media platform.

Key Features

Everything you’ll ever need to accomplish your task.

Custom Signature Logo

Create a fully customized signature logo. Choose your signature style, extend it with a swash and choose alternate handwriting styles. Add a customizable tagline or logo to your signature.

Custom Text Watermarks

Create fully customized text watermarks. Tile your watermarks across the entire photo. Design your watermark text and style. Choose from hundreds of fonts and pre-designed templates. Import your own graphics and logos to use as your watermark. Learn how to creating a watermark.

Batch Watermark Photos & Videos

Use our web editor to watermark all of your photos with a few clicks. You can individually adjust your watermark per file, such as positioning it in a different corner.

Automated Workflow

Save your watermarks as templates and re-use them again. Speed up your watermarking process by combining other functions such as crop, resizing and compression all in one step.

Powerful Editing Tools

Our comprehensive editor is equipped with powerful editing tools.



from Anywhere, at Anytime

Our all-in-one web editor is accessible from any device

Watermark videos

Watermark and edit videos directly in the web editor. Videos up to 2 GB in size are supported.

Mobile accessible

Access and edit your files on the go through your mobile device. No download necessary.

Third party integrated

Import your files from your other apps and export your watermarked versions.

What Our Customers Say

Watermark.ws is trusted by thousands of professionals and businesses

Testimonial 1

There is nothing better than Watermark.ws! It can easily batch process hundreds of files while watermarking, resizing, and re-touching them simultaneously.

Michael Archambault


Testimonial 2

We use Watermark for adding credits to photos and videos from news agencies before we share them on Twitter.

Sarah Marshall

The Wall Street Journal

Testimonial 3

It's super easy to use. You can customize your watermark and even use your own company logo. The customer service is excellent and all of my questions have been answered.

Alice Delore


No download or installation required.

Instantly accessible from all your devices.

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