Watermark Images, Videos, Animated GIFs

All standard image and video formats are supported.


Watermark photos of any image format. From the ordinary JPEG files to raw camera format images.

Supported standard image formats:


All raw image formats are supported:



Watermark videos up to 2 GB in size. All standard formats are supported. Videos can be resized and cropped.

Supported video file formats:


Animated GIFs, PDFs & More

Watermark your animated GIF, preserving the animation. Easily resize, crop, rotate your GIFs.

More supported file formats:


Stay Organized with Folders

Manage your file collections easily by grouping files into folders.

Add Files from Anywhere

Import photos, videos, logos and fonts from the cloud or any social platform.

Upload from Devices

Upload files from your computer, phone or tablet. Upload multiple files at a time by selecting or dropping them in.

Import from Apps

Import your files from apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Google Drive. More platforms supported.

Original Files are Preserved

File formats, quality and metadata are preserved during editing.

High Resolution Images
Photos that are high resolution can be easily watermarked, resized and cropped.
4K Videos
Videos that are 4K resolution can be watermarked and edited.
RAW Images
RAW files and other non-standard web images are automatically converted and made easily editable.
Metadata Preserved
No metadata is stripped from original files while editing, unless otherwise specified.
Animation Preserved
When watermarking or editing files with animation, animation is preserved.
Multiple Color Modes
CYMK and RGB photos are both fully supported.

No download or installation required.

Instantly accessible from all your devices.

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