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Edit 1 photo at a time.
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Apply photo filters & other effects.
Export files to other apps.
Access 300+ fonts.
Add custom fonts.
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Edit unlimited photos at a time.
Edit unlimited videos at a time.
Use watermark templates.
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Remove background from logos.
Download watermarks in high-res.
Apply photo filters & other effects.
Export files to other apps.
Access 300+ fonts.
Add custom fonts.
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Create a fully custom watermark and apply it on photos or videos

Watermark Photos
Watermark photos of any type and size, including high resolution photos.
Watermark Videos
Watermark videos up to 2 GB in size. All standard video formats are supported.
Watermark GIFs
Watermark animated GIF files while fully preserving animation and quality.
Create Text Watermarks
Add text on your files, fully customizable to your preferences.
Logo Watermarks
Upload your logo, blend it into photos and optionally remove it's background.
Create Signature Logos
Create a professional signature logo to use as your watermark.
Download Watermarks
All watermarks that are created are available for download in high-resolution.
Batch Watermarking
Apply your watermark and any other edits on all of your files with one click.
Powerful Editing Tools
Everything you need in an editor: resize, crop, rotate + much more.
Watermark Templates
Save your watermarks as templates for easy re-use on future files.
Automated Workflow
Add files and automatically watermark & edit them to your predefined settings.
Hundreds of Fonts
Choose from many different styles of fonts when adding text on your files.
Apply Effects
Touch up your photos with photo filters, borders, and more.
Add Files from Anywhere
Import your files, logos, fonts from wherever they exist (Dropbox, Instagram + more).
Export Files to Apps
Export your processed files directly to other apps (Google Drive, Facebook & more).
Mobile Friendly
Upload files and watermark from any of your devices, including mobile & tablet.
Fast Processing
Process hundreds or thousands of files at a time, all on the web.

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Testimonial 1

There is nothing better than! It can easily batch process hundreds of files while watermarking, resizing, and re-touching them simultaneously.

Michael Archambault


Testimonial 2

We use Watermark for adding credits to photos and videos from news agencies before we share them on Twitter.

Sarah Marshall

The Wall Street Journal

Testimonial 3

It's super easy to use. You can customize your watermark and even use your own company logo. The customer service is excellent and all of my questions have been answered.

Alice Delore


Frequently Asked Questions

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You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I pay for just one month?

To pay for only one month of our service, upgrade to Premium and choose the monthly billing option. After upgrading, cancel your subscription and it will expire at the end of your billing cycle.

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